Little Sweetie Set 1

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Little Sweetie Series comes in 3 sets. It is unique because every story has a teacher’s guide at the back of the book to help the teacher maximise the learning potential of that story. For parents who want to learn together with their children, hanyu pinyin is available at the back of the book so that they are a help to parents but at the same time, does not distract the child.
This pack of 8 titles is meant for the Nursery 2 level and contains 8 sheets of flashcard words, which can be used to reinforce the vocabulary introduced in the story.
Audio CD: The story is read by a child, allowing your children to identify with the story and to aspire to reach that level of proficiency.
This set consists of the following titles:
  • Turtle's House 小乌龟的家
  • Help 帮忙
  • My Home 我的家
  • Move The Stone 搬石头
  • The Train 嘟嘟小火车
  • Hide and Seek 捉迷藏
  • 走一走
  • 美丽的海洋
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