CoCo Readers Level 3

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The CoCo Reading Series’ content covers the Natural (自然), Common Sense (常识), Health (健康), Travel (旅游) and other aspects. Featuring interesting text and illustrations, this series allows children to receive literacy, emotional and life education by fully engaging their senses. We hope that through this, children will learn how to be masters of their own emotions, developing a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.



This set consists of the following titles:
  • 猜动物
  • 猜植物
  • 我喜欢的天气
  • 我和朋友
  • 我不是小孩子了
  • 一个人在家
  • 大家都在做运动
  • 不挑食的孩子
  • 坏习惯
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