A Day in the Jungle


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A fun bingo style game that focuses on building key relationship skills which are central to children's success in and out of school. It is a fun, flexible activity that can be used at both home and in the classrooms. The game is social and interactive.
Meet the animals and see who is being good. Is the elephant taking care of the sick? Is the monkey sharing his toys? Is the crocodile helping and the Panda caring? Which one is courteous? Is it the Lion? Join them all as they help, share, care and show courtesy to each other. The playful animals have an adventurous life, though its not all easy for them. They are in danger from time to time. Will you be able to spot what they are up to?
Match the two dice to a square on your board, and put a chip to mark it. The first one to mark any 4 squares in any one row or a column or a diagonal line gets to shout 'Jungle Lovel
Number of Players:2-4
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