13 Key Links Sapphire (L29 to L30) Pack of 12 Titles

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Key Links moves ‘best literacy practice’ to the next level.
Child are exposed to every link in the literacy chain through
actively thinking and talking about what and how they read
being explicitly exposed to comprehension and processing strategies in a systematic way
practising flow, expression and phrasing in their oral reading
reading titles that are carefully scaffolded to build and reinforce vocabulary and letter–sound relationships.
Key Links presents titles that are explicit models of specific text-types. The imaginative and informative texts provide 7 models of text-types for developing readers and writers:

1. Narrative
2. Personal Narrative
3. Information Reports
4. Explanations
5. Descriptions
6. Diaries
7 Persuasive Argument

The humorous fiction titles and fascinating nonfiction titles engage readers.
The wrap-around covers increase excitement and add information about the book before reading.
There are an equal number of fiction and nonfiction titles at each level.
This set consists of the following titles:

The Claw
Speak Like Us
Beaky McKay
Call me Harry
World without Trees
Looking Back - Moving Forward
Hidden Horrors
Food for Thought
See Through
All the World's a Stage
Beyond Our Planet
Logging a Blog

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