SRA Reading Laboratory 3B

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Students in Years 1-10 (Pri 1–Sec 4) build Essential Comprehension Skills through Independent Learning and Instruction.
Proven to Work Effectively with Students at A Wide Range of Reading Levels:
  • Develop comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, word analysis and study skills
  • Reinforce specific skills in which certain students show a weakness.
  • Engage students' interest and increase their knowledge show a weakness.
  • Promote independent student work.
Easy-to-Manage Approach to Improving Reading and Comprehension Skills:
  • SRA Reading Labs provide individualised instruction to an entire classroom of readers at different levels.
  • Simple placement tests easily initiate the programme.
  • Students score their own work with Answer Key Cards and keep accurate accounts of their own progress in Student Record Books.
  • Teacher's Handbook offers tips for developing an independent learning environment and supporting below-level learners for maximum success.
SRA Reading Labs - a resource for managing an entire classroom of readers at differing levels.
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