Set 3 More Vowels Little Books Pack

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This Little Books Pack consists of 10 little books.

The 10 Little Books are:

  • Book 1 house (Long vowel sound ou)
  • Book 2 cow (Long vowel sound ow)
  • Book 3 horse (Long vowel sound or)
  • Book 4 paw (Long vowel sound aw)
  • Book 5 ball (Long vowel sound all)
  • Book 6 fern (Long vowel sound er)
  • Book 7 bird (Long vowel sound ir)
  • Book 8 fur (Long vowel sound ur)
  • Book 9 book (Long vowel sound oo)
  • Book 10 boy (Long vowel sound oy and oi)


The books are designed to guide children to focus on hearing the words. saying the sounds in the words,  and reading and talking about the sound in words.

Teacher Resources available on PM Sounds in Words page.



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