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Research shows children who start school with higher levels of reading learn up to 15,000 more words in their first year. What this means is the more you know to start with, the more you learn at school. Bud-e will ensure your child is learning more when they start school. They'll feel good about their first encounters with school because they will be experiencing success and the excitement of learning. They won't be struggling to grasp the basics while others march on ahead because they will already have mastered them. Bud-e is a program designed by leading international literacy expert, Jill Eggleton QSO, which lays the foundation of literacy learning in an innovative and engaging way that includes printed books as well as a digital app children love. It's highly motivating, based on pedagogically sound practice and so much fun the children don't even realise they are learning one of the most important lessons of their life - how to read.

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