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Looking for an assortment of books for different reading ability students? Key Links e-Books may be what you are looking for.

Simply download the application from the app store. Choose your title and select the device (either iPad or Android only).

Once your order is placed, we will email the login to you. Login will be issued within 2 working days from order submisson date. Subscription is valid for 1 year.

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Which is suitable for my child?

Magenta (Emergent) – 2-3 yrs (Set of 20 ebooks)
Red (Early) – 3-4 yrs(Set of 24 ebooks)
Yellow (Early) – 5-6 yrs (Set of 24 ebooks)
Blue(Early) – 6-8 yrs (Set of 24 ebooks)
Green(Early) – 6-8 yrs (Set of 24 ebooks)
Orange(Fluency) – 7-9 yrs (Set of 12 ebooks)
Turquoise (Fluency) – 7-9 yrs (Set of 12 ebooks)
Purple (Fluency) – 8-10 yrs (Set of 12 ebooks)
Gold (Fluency) – 8-10 yrs (Set of 12 ebooks)
Silver (Fluency) – 10-12 yrs (Set of 12 ebooks)
Emerald (Fluency) – 10-12 yrs (Set of 12 ebooks)
Ruby (Fluency) – 10-12 yrs (Set of 12 ebooks)
Sapphire (Fluency) – 10-12 yrs (Set of 12 ebooks)

The Orange Set (priced at USD 38) consists of the following titles:

  1. The Storyteller
  2. The Flying Panini
  3. No Worries
  4. The Bedroom Swing
  5. The Griffin Vulture
  6. The Dingo Fence
  7. A Suit for Space Walking
  8. Climbing a Rock Wall
  9. What's That?
  10. Who's Who?
  11. A Sneak Peek into Abigail's Diary
  12. Yes, No or Maybe So

 O12 Yes No Maybe

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