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e04 Key Links Digital Blue (Early L911) X24

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Key Links moves ‘best literacy practice’ to the next level.
Child are exposed to every link in the literacy chain through
  • actively thinking and talking about what and how they read
  • being explicitly exposed to comprehension and processing strategies in a systematic way
  • practising flow, expression and phrasing in their oral reading
  • reading titles that are carefully scaffolded to build and reinforce vocabulary and letter–sound relationships.
This set consists of the following titles:
    • Tricky Aliens
    • Saving Shark
    • Robber Cat
    • Sailor Sid is Clever
    • Baby Bonobos Alone
    • Dolphins to the Rescue
    • In a Nutshell
    • Moving Elephants
    • Big Bull Gets Bored
    • Lazy Lily
    • Mrs Spatt and Spider
    • Tricera's Lesson
    • Living in a Cave
    • A Handy Horse
    • Moving Seeds
    • A Big Earthquake
    • A Possum in the House
    • Green Feathers
    • A Job for Suzee Sing
    • Eddy's Boots
    • Harpy Eagle Chick
    • Different Plants
    • Rubbish in the River
    • Robot Lander on Mars


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