BIG BOOK Key Links

'Shared Reading is where the language beats its way through the book, inspires children and motivates them to want to read.' - Jill Eggleton

Key Links Shared Reading books provide a source of literature-quality text for beginning readers. They are language-rich, humorous and filled with lively, rhythmical, rhyming text that work best for shared reading. They also provide the opportunity for teacher-led demonstrations of reading concepts, skills and strategies, in context.
The Focus Panel provides prompts to support a different focus each day:
Day 1: Comprehension
Day 2: Vocabulary
Day 3: Flow/Phrasing/Fluency
Day 4: Phonic Knowledge, Phonemic Awareness
Day 5: Oral, Written and Visual Language
At the end of each Key Links fiction title, images are replicated for students to use them for retelling of story.

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