Bully Free Classroom Middle School Poster Set

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This set of four colorful, durable, high-gloss anti-bullying posters will help define your classroom and reinforce values. Hang them throughout your school to reinforce character development, bullying prevention, and positive behavior. Bullying posters copy, clockwise from top left: Be Cyber Smart: Be real. Don?t pretend to be someone you're not. Think before you send. Don't forward rumors or mean messages. Show respect. Don?t use phones or computers to threaten or hurt others. Bullying Bites: Don?t let it drain your self-esteem. Cyberbullying is Cyber-Stupid: Electronic pictures & messages last forever. Would you want your mom to see them? Dad? Little brother? Principal? etc. Bullying doesn?t happen without people who act like it?s okay. Speak up. Part of Bully Free Classroom? Reduce physical fights, witness improved test scores, and create bully free classrooms at your school with our practical, easy-to-use Bully Free Classroom? resources.

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