Bully Free Classroom Elementary School Poster Set

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This set of four high-gloss, durable anti-bullying posters for elementary school hallways and classrooms reinforces character development, bullying prevention, positive behavior, social-emotional learning, and more. Bullying posters copy, clockwise from top left: Don?t Stand By, Stand Up! It?s everyone?s job to make our school Bully Free. Bully Free Classroom: Together we can stop bullying. Choose to act against bullying. Choose peace. Our Classroom Is a Place Where... We don?t all have to think the same. We don?t all have to act the same. We don?t all have to talk the same. We don?t all have to dress the same. We don?t all have to believe the same things. We have the right to be ourselves. We like that people are different. We know that our differences make us interesting and unique. We speak up if we see others being treated unfairly. We treat each other with respect. Part of Bully Free Classroom? Reduce physical fights, witness improved test scores, and create bully free classrooms at your school with our practical, easy-to-use Bully Free Classroom? resources.

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