How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up

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Trevor Romain 
"Everybody who goes to school does homework. You are not alone. And they feel just as sick as you do when they have to do it." 
Trevor Romain knows how horrible homework can be, and kids will see this right away as they page through this book, grin at the cartoons, and smile at Trevor's funny insights while getting the homework help they need. 
Meanwhile, they'll discover valuable truths and pointers about homework: "People who say homework is a waste of time don't know what they are talking about." "The best way to get your homework done without feeling sick every time you see it is to just do it." 
Kids will also learn how to make a homework schedule, when to do the hardest homework (first!), the benefits of doing homework, and more—serious suggestions delivered with wit and humor because laughter makes learning fun. 

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How to do homework without throwing up

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